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Podium Trio – Live

The Podium Trio, a unique ensemble on the European jazz scene, attributes its broad musical expressiveness to its unusual setting of guitar, trombone and alto sax and to the widely varied musical backgrounds of its members. Sitting in on this session is the impressive American rhythm-duo Jamaaladeen Tacuma (bass) and Cornell Rochester (drums) and, on the last three tracks, the great bassist Anthony Jackson.

This Radio Netherlands CD lays down some 'red-jot jazz-funk' (in the words of guitarist Jan Kuiper) and 'improvised music' from the Netherlands.

Jan Kuiper - gitaar
Paul van Kemenade - altsaxofoon
Wolter Wierbos - trombone
Jamaaladeen Tacuma - bas
Cornell Rochester - drums
Anthony Jackson - bas

Podium Trio - Live
1. There's always something - J. Kuiper
2. Blues for Bosnia - J. Kuiper
3. Close Enough - J. Kuiper
4. Return of the Hamroyd - P. van Kemenade
5. Footprints - W. Shorter
6. De Spiegel - J. Kuiper
7. Soko Mougou - J. Kuiper
8. Snoop Doggy Dogg - J. Kuiper
9. Blues for Dolphy - J. Kuiper